Comparing Hyperpigmentation And Dark Spot Cream Treatments

Comparing Hyperpigmentation And Dark Spot Cream Treatments

Choosing the right hyperpigmentation and dark spot cream treatment can be an overwhelming process. Keep reading to learn more about the most popular hyperpigmentation and dark spot cream treatments and decide which is best for you.

What hyperpigmentation and dark spot cream treatments can you get?


Musely is an online dermatology practice offering products to help treat dark spots, rosacea, hair loss, and fight aging. They offer access to a board-certified dermatologist through their online health portal.

Musely prices their products by day, not by month. The have a number of effective formulations of hyperpigmentation and dark spot cream treatments. Consider them an industry leader and a good starting point.


Curology offers subscription plans for treatment of acne, dark spots, and anti-aging treatments. Curology charges for shipping. Curology uses licensed medical providers that may include nurse practitioners or other licensed providers.

Obagi Medical

Obagi Medical is a skincare system with multiple product lines and collections to address issues like skin discoloration, acne, and fine lines or wrinkles. Obagi offers referral services to dermatologists but does not have them on staff. Other competitors are more of a complete all in one package with a tele health platform.

With Agency

With Agency is an online dermatology practice specializing in dark spots and anti-aging treatments. Payment takes the form of a monthly subscription, and refills of prescriptions will be shipped to you every 2 months. Like Curology, you may work with nurse practitioners, physician assistants, or other licensed practitioners rather than a board-certified dermatologist like some competitors.

Hyperpigmentation Quiz

Our Dermatologist worked closely with experts to create a skin quiz that guides you to the best hyperpigmentation treatments on the market 👇

Dear Brightly

Dear Brightly specializes in retinoid therapies to treat acne, photoaging, and pigmentation. All providers are board-certified dermatologists, similar to some other recommended competitors. Those who may have had skin irritation caused by retinoids in the past may want to try a service with more treatment options.


Murad is a brand of over-the-counter skin care which targets acne, dark spots, fine lines, and wrinkles. They feature treatment plans in color-coded collections to address specific skincare issues. If you have concerns you need to discuss with a medical professional, you might want to consider trying others instead.


Proven is a line of over-the-counter strength skincare solutions to treat acne, hyperpigmentation, redness, dryness, fine lines, and wrinkles. The standard package includes a 3-step custom skincare routine. Custom formulas are created with the help of Proven’s proprietary AI technology and shipped out every two months. Those who aren’t sure what would work best for them may want to consider competitors so that they can get more guidance from board-certified professionals.


Apostrophe is a subscription skincare service offering treatment for a variety of skin conditions, including hyperpigmentation and melasma. They don’t charge for shipping and have board-certified dermatologists who will create a formula to help you reach your skincare goals.


Lytera 2.0 pigment correcting serum is a product available for purchase from SkinMedica’s website. While it does not require a prescription, SkinMedica’s website offers a dermatology referral service to partner practices. For those who want more professional guidance with the convenience of the telehealth experience, other competitors like Musely may be able to help.


Shiseido is a line of beauty products made in Japan that are medicated for the purpose of brightening dark spots and freckles. These products are not custom-made, and may be found on retail shelves or via special order.

There are many reasons over-the-counter products may not be effective, including not being a high enough dose to properly address hyperpigmentation or melasma issues, or not being the right ingredient to improve your skin. Consulting board-certified dermatologists can help identify and address your concerns more quickly.

Joanna Vargas Bright Eye Firming Mask

This anti-aging gel patch by Skinceuticals is meant to brighten under the eyes and for use as a dark spot corrector. Treatments are not prescription strength. Additionally, Skinceuticals offers consultations with aestheticians – they do not have any medical professionals available to give advice.

Brandon Kirsch

Brandon Kirsch, MD, FAAD, is a board-certified dermatologist specializing in clinical drug development and medical innovation. He is the founder of Kirsch Dermatology in Naples, Florida and is also the Chief of Dermatology at the Naples Community Hospital. Kirsch Dermatology Website Dr. Kirsch started his career as a lawyer and holds law degrees from the University of Western Ontario (LL.B.) and Georgetown (LL.M. Securities and Financial Regulation). Dr. Kirsch completed his pre-medical studies at the University of Pennsylvania, medical school at Brown University, internship at the Mayo Clinic (Florida) and dermatology residency at the University of North Carolina. In partnership with the Mayo Clinic, he filed to patent a novel topical composition for the treatment of skin hyperpigmentation that he co-developed and also oversaw a successful pilot study of the formulation. Dr. Kirsch has experience with therapeutic drug development programs from pre-clinical to Phase 3 studies. He is licensed to practice medicine in California, Colorado, Florida, and North Carolina and law in New York and Ontario.

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