How Effective Is PicoSure Laser For Melasma Removal?

How Effective Is PicoSure Laser For Melasma Removal?

PicoSure is one of many ways to treat melasma and restore the even tone and clear complexion of your skin. But is PicoSure laser for melasma removal effective, and is it safe? Are there better alternatives? We address your concerns here.

Does PicoSure Laser For Melasma Removal Work?

First, let’s talk about how PicoSure technology works. PicoSure lasers quickly penetrate the skin and treat hyperpigmented areas to result in even-toned skin. This process targets below the surface of the skin. Skin penetration by lasers means that users can see results faster and often more predictably. It is an easy and fast process that results in rejuvenated, long-lasting skin health.

PicoSure’s enhanced laser treatment targets the skin in increments of one-trillionth of a second. Due to the rapidity of the process, the energy converts into pressure rather than heat. The pressure energy penetrates the pigment, and the body flushes out the pigment. It safely transfers energy below the surface of your skin to treat the melasma at its source.

The procedure is fast and straightforward and only causes a bit of minor discomfort. The sensation of these lasers removing the unwanted pigmentation feels almost like a rubber band snapping on the skin. Each session lasts a mere ten minutes – faster than a quick trip to the nail salon – meaning that the treatment is easy to work into your busy lifestyle. A few snaps of a rubber band over ten minutes is all you need to do to get smoother, more even-toned skin quickly.

In a study of four women treated with Picosure lasers for facial melasma, assessments in four weeks and six months after treatment showed success in reducing their melasma. They did not report side effects like dermatitis or hyperpigmentation, showing that on the whole, PicoSure lasers are safe and effective. Although these are promising results, it’s worth remembering that this is a very small study of only four people.

So, in short, yes – PicoSure lasers for melasma removal can help remove unwanted pigmentation on your hands, face, or anywhere else on your body.

Can PicoSure Make Melasma Worse?

The risk with all types of laser treatments is causing further damage and making melasma worse. With extended heat-based lasers, there is a chance of exacerbating skin issues, so while treatment may remove melasma, it can also lead to other unsightly blemishes in the future. In some cases, extreme heat can even cause melasma to recur, which is the exact opposite desired effect.

PicoSure, however, is a little different. The technology used in the PicoSure laser is designed to combat the damaging processes in other types of lasers. With rapid-fire lasers comes less time for heat damage within the skin. This can reduce the risk of painful or unpleasant side effects, like redness and prolonged downtime.

That said, even though the PicoSure laser is specially designed to reduce the risk of melasma returning or worsening after use, there is still a chance that melasma may flare following treatment.

Is PicoSure Laser Safe?

The process of using a PicoSure laser for melasma is safe and painless. The primary irritant in most laser treatments is the extended exposure to heat, which the PicoSure laser system reduces. However, those undergoing the treatment should understand that there is always a chance that it may not work for them and their melasma could worsen in the future.


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