Last Updated: March 23, 2019

Please review our Terms of Service for additional disclaimers of our liability.

  1. ClearifiRx provides technological and other services to connect patients to licensed medical providers.

  2. All medical care and prescription products are provided licensed providers. ClearifiRx does not provide any medical services.

  3. All customized prescription medications are produced and shipped by licensed professionals directly to patients.

  4. ClearifiRx will send you email correspondence that may contain details of your treatment. These emails will never contain your photos or payment information. We will never request that you email us any health information or payment information.

  5. ClearifiRx is exclusively for the diagnosis and treatment of hyperpigmentation, and not for any other medical or dermatological conditions, including the screening of skin cancer.

  6. ClearifiRx does not replace your existing relationship with your primary care physician or dermatologist.

  7. ClearifiRx is not for emergencies.

  8. ClearifiRx is not an insurance product. You cannot receive reimbursement for payments made to ClearifiRx for medical consultative services or prescription drug products.

  9. ClearifiRx and its affiliated medical professionals operate subject to state regulation and may not be available in certain states.

  10. ClearifiRx does not guarantee that a prescription will be written.

  11. ClearifiRx affiliated medical providers do not prescribe DEA controlled substances.

  12. ClearifiRx affiliated medical providers reserve the right to deny treatment if they believe that a patient may be better served by a local provider, or for any other reason according to their professional judgment.